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Lion Creek is a software company focused on building online innovation – innovation that is consumed through web and mobile applications.

Lion Creek excels at taking an idea through all of its phases, from concept definition, development, to hosting of the newly created innovation.

Lion Creek's vision is a simple yet effective one. We optimise, aid and simplify your business, creating faster, and easy-to-use tools through web and mobile innovation. All the while building a business relationship based on cohesion and results.

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The lean business - SME

Lion Creek could be compared to a business fitness trainer. Its strengths lie in optimising, aiding and simplifying. Maximising profit margins while enhancing job experience are the goals of what Lion Creek does. Performing a process in an easier and simplified manner while reducing the costs pertaining to that process results in a smoother and leaner business. Invite Lion Creek to analyse, propose and implement solutions for your business and get you in shape against today’s corporate competition.

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Add another revenue stream - eCommerce

Lion Creek boasts high expertise in eCommerce systems, ranging from a single vendor solution to multiple tiered vendor market places. Specialising in both new concepts as well as integration of current brand images and websites into a complete eCommerce solution.

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